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Emergency Response Plans

Your people are your most important asset. To protect them, you must prepare them. You must anticipate every possible adverse event, decide how your organization will respond and then train your people to execute quickly and effectively. You can reduce their fear and anxiety. You can save their lives. The goal of emergency response planning will be to prevent fatalities and injuries; reduce damage to your building, stock and equipment and accelerate the resumption of normal operations.

Code Red walks you through the steps to make the key decisions and develop the necessary emergency response procedures and to ensure your business is OSHA compliant. We are adept at the training and awareness programs needed to implement and maintain your people's ability to respond instantaneously with confidence.

  • Review existing emergency procedures.
  • Incorporate an Incident Management System that will provide specific duties and responsibilities of your team.
  • Develop emergency event guides that will assist employees with appropriate response to an incident or event.
  • Review location of business and surrounding area with local emergency responders.
  • Develop an emergency response plan incorporating all necessary components.
  • Train team to utilize new response system.

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