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Business Impact Analysis

In the business world, it is generally best to plan and prepare for the worst case scenario. One of the most critical components of the business continuity planning process is the Business Impact Analysis (BIA). The purpose of the BIA is for your company to understand what business processes are most critical to your organization and to identify what resources are required to recover these processes. As a result, an understanding of the critical path from an enterprise perspective is developed, which assists with prioritizing the recovery strategies and planning.

The key outcome of the BIA will be the identification, validation and prioritization of all critical business processes, and the minimum resources (people, technology, telecommunications, vital records, and equipment) to support them.

  • Meet one-on-one with department heads and interview them to conduct our analysis.
  • Identify Critical Business Functions
  • Establish Recovery Time Objective
  • Define Financial Impact
  • Define Legal/Regulatory Impact
  • Mapping Critical Business Functions to Recovery Resources –
  • Incorporate Recovery Resources

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