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Planning for Operational Continuity while preventing or minimizing damage and loss

Are You Prepared?

Where will you continue to operate when they show up?

Operational Disruptions

Your building is a Crime Scene; what will your customers think?

Reputational Damage

Have your employees evacuated safely and all accounted for?

Loss of Site

The biggest mistake a business owner can make is think, "this will not happen to me."

Loss of Vital Records

90% of companies that close for two weeks go out of business within one year.

Do you have a Plan?

Code Red works with businesses and organizations in the preparation for the unexpected. A Code Red plan is developed by a team of experts using Code Red's ACT System:  Assessment, Communication & Training

Our experts engage senior management to implement and support a plan that provides emergency response, crisis communication and operational recovery. A preparedness plan is a living document and is a matter of business survival.

Exercising and Testing Plans Business and Operation Continuity
Vulnerability Assessment  Emergency Response Plans
Business Impact Analysis Recovery Strategies

The experts at Code Red are experienced and certified professionals who bring hands on experience in many industries, sizes large and small. They bring a diverse skill set and decades of experience to assisting clients with their successful continuity and crisis management strategy.

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